We included a custom built lightbox. It's very simple to use and supports single image, image carousel and ajax loaded content. Just create <a href="single_image.jpg" class="open-overlay"> and it's done!. By changing href to .php or .html file you can load gallery. There is one template of overlay gallery (gallery.php file).

<section id="gallery">	
	<div class="gallery-content">
		<article class="pull-right gallery-text">
			<a class="close-button"><i class="icon-close"></i></a>
				<h4>lorem ipsum dolor sit</h4>
			<p class="gallery-description">
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			<ul class="sharer">
					<a href="#" data-hover="facebook" >facebook</a>
					<a href="#" data-hover="linkedin">linkedin</a>
					<a href="#" data-hover="google+">google+</a>
					<a href="#" data-hover="twitter">twitter</a>
		<div class="gallery pull-left">
			<div class="loading-spinner"></div>			
			<div id="images" class="owl-carousel owl-theme">
				<div class="item"><figure><img src="img/img-gallery/1.jpg" /></figure></div>
				<div class="item"><figure><img src="img/img-gallery/2.jpg" /></figure></div>
				<div class="item"><figure><img src="img/img-gallery/3.jpg" /></figure></div>
				<div class="item"><figure><img src="img/img-gallery/4.jpg" /></figure></div>
			<div class="controls"></div>