Note: You need to have WMPL plugin, you can get it here

WPML is a 3rd party plugin and is paid. Same goes for support. If you need documentation please visit

Nevertheless, we have created tested the plugin and our theme can be throughly translated. Have a look at the check list of items to note when attempting to transalte.

  • Make sure you have your you site all set and ready, this ways translating is much easier.
  • Purchase and instal WPML
  • Start with installing these plugins:
  • Go through the initial setup, choose your default and additional languages. Don't worry about the language switcher.
  • Start with translating your website from page with home template
    set to it. This will automatically activate your Language Switcher on the home screen according to the anguages you have chosen.
  • Go to Admin -> WPML -> Translation Management -> Multilingual Content Setup and scroll down
    Make sure you check field of your choice under:
    * Custom Fields Translation
    * Custom Posts
    * Custom Taxonomies
  • Finally, go to WPML -> String Transaltion and translate everything that need to be translated.
  • Remember that all pages, posts, food menu (s) (categories and items), team (members), slider (slides) needs to be translated as well.
  • To make your logo "go back" the the currently selected lnaguage you need to change target link for each nav menu "home" element in each language version.