Opening Hours

To set your opening hours and set your translation for weekdays and short form of weekdays, plus time format (24h/12h) and open and close roll over lable you need to go to WP → yoprss → Opening Times

Set daily times by using dropdowns, in this place you can also tranlate weekday. Be defult all times are set to close and weekdays are in English
There is two time slots at your disposal. You can, for example, set lunch hours and dinner hours.

Additionally in this section you can set:

  • close label - this will apear on roll over for all days set to close

  • open and close label - this whill appear on resturant mosaic block for the current day ie. Friday we are open where text in bold is an open or close label.

  • You can also change time format, you can have 24h or 12h (AM/PM) at your disposal. Make sure you choose correct time zone or your times will be incorrect.

  • Note: Additional settings regarding opening hours are avaliable to you when adding opening times to your resturant mosaic.Please refer to Resturant part ofr this manual.