Food Menu your offer

Food Menu consists of categories and menu items, you can create as many menus as you need ie. dinner menu, desert menu, christmas menu etc.

To start with you need to create menus you need. To do so go to yopress → Custom Food Menus

Fill in the slug (visible in links) and name (visible in admin panel), hit add and don't forget to save changes.
Add as many as required. Next create page and assign generated template to it. If you added menu Dinner Menu then your template will be named Food - Dinner Menu

To create page and assign templates go to Admin Panel → Pages → Add New
From the right hand side choose template and save. That's it, you can start adding categories and menu items as well as set custom settings to your menus in yopress → your menu name

1. To create Food Menu Category go to Wordpress → Name (one you created) →Name Menu Categories

Create category by filling in the name ie. Pizza and optionally assign icon, either preloaded icon or choose your very own one in the size of 100x100px for the best result. Hit Add New Category. To arrange the categories in particular order assign number to them, 1,2,3 etc.

2. To create Food Menu Item go to Wordpress → Name (one you created) → Food Menu Item

Create Food Menu Item by filling in the details in the provided panels, these are:

  • title – the name that appears in the menu ie. Fish Soup
  • second title – the info that appears next to the name but in brackets ie. 300ml / big portion
  • subtitle – info that appears in the second line ie. home cooked, always fresh etc.
  • price – 3 prices at you disposal ie. 14 / 20 / 24
  • category – food item category it belongs to
  • featured image – image of the dish for photo grid layout

Hit Publish to Add and item.


Additional Food Menu settings are available in Wordpress → yopress → Name (one you created)

menu type – chose between layouts
number of columns – in grid layout how many columns to display
price currency – what currency are you using; you can also put different currencies manually if required ie. 10 USD and 8 EUR
currency side position – either right or left
colors – you can adjust the look, remember you can always use default color
background image – replaces the default, theme provided background
font – choose between Google Fonts

Make sure you save your changes.