FAQ frequently asked questions

1. How to set up Restaurat Page (Mosaic) as Home Page (instead of slider)

Go to Wordpress -> Settings -> Reading
Choose "a Static page (select below)" and under "Front page:" choose Restaurant

2. How to set only one still image in slider.

All you need to do is go to slider settings under Wordpress -> yopress -> Slider and set the number of slide to 1, note that the last slide added is displayed now.

3. How to add title do slides.

The only way to do so at the moment is to add text to your images used in slider.

4. How do I translate my theme?

We tried to make translation as easy as possible, hopefully we did a great job :D All you need to do is translate sections to your language ie. reservation page translation is under reservation in Wordpress -> yopress -> Reservation Similarly you do with other sections. To translate other parts of theme generate .po/.mo files, get PoEdit for that http://www.poedit.net/

Note: FAQ will be updated regularly.